lørdag, januar 20, 2007

An early wake-up call in BF!

A little before 7 a.m. this Saturday (!) morning, suddenly, my whole appartment shook! The windows trembled and I could even feel the sound vibrations in my bed! Except from big outdoor stadium-type concerts, I have never heard music played so loud... The whole thing turned out to be a great new advertising campaign, commenced by a local competitor to Maggi. The crowd quickly grew - and even if I couldn't catch it on camera, several hundred people were assembled at the end (they gave out free t-shirts - always a crowd-pleaser in West Africa). Anyways, I thought I would let you all have a view of how commercials are done in Burkina, and at the same time test video on blogger - try it out - just click on the link below the photo!!

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