fredag, marts 16, 2007

Going big in Ghana!

What a great experience!

So, I finally got a chance to try a lifes dream: Big game fishing in one of the worlds best areas for Blue Marlin - the coast of Ghana.

We chartered the ULTRA-PROFESSIONAL and very luxuriously equipped boat with the catchy name: "The Hooker"... It was truly a pleasure to work with these guys (no, they are not giving me commision for this post), especially the way they knew their fishing grounds. Oh, and the service included always ice cold beers as well as good food and plenty of snacks :)

Anyway, to get to the fishing bit, we had two hits during the day, the first one being on my rod (unfortunately putting me at the back of the cue), and I got the pleasure of fighting a small Wahoo (25pounds) - a fish said to be the fastest in the ocean. On gear as heavy as this, there wasn't really much fight, but it was a good warm-up, of what was to come next.

The second hit brought the boat to life after a few hours of quiet cruising without any action. The crew spottet a Marlin hunting close to the surface, and brougt us close. It got attracted to our lures ("extra" lures without hooks that trails the boat closely to bring in the big fish), and after giving us a brilliant view of the dorsal fin (about the size of a great white's) as it was hunting behind the boat. A few seconds later...the hit! When a fish like this takes the lure, the reel goes on overdrive, whilst the fish pulls it for about 200 yards in about 4 secs. It was fantastick to hear the "wrrrr" from the 125 pound (!) line, as the fish pulled.

James got in the chair and started the fight...

It didn't take as long as I expected, but it was great whilst it lasted. When the fish finally came along side, the crew prepared to release the fish. The catch-and-release principle means that only record-size fish are killed and brought in after the day. A great principle in my view, in order to protect the fish. It also means, however, that a lot of the fish get away, when you try to pull them in and along-side ship for a measurement. This was also, what happened to James, but at least it was after he had had the full fight :) I attach the finale, just when the fish is released - unfortunately without photo, but you can still see the huge shape, when the marlin pulls away from the boat. The guy handling the line - Frank - has participated in the capture of more than 2000 (!) marlins, and his estimate was 600 pound plus... What a day...

P.S.: I thought it prudent to add that same James managed to get out again some weeks later...and this time he got another 600-pounder all the way to the side of the boat - have a look:

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