fredag, juni 29, 2007

BIB - not MIB...

Dear all,

BIB - 'finally' back in West Africa for a time. Landed in Burkina Faso the day before yesterday, and I'm now Back In Bobo.
3 months is not a long time in WAF, and everything is as unchanged as usual - except the fact that my hotel now have draught beer!! What a fantastic piece of news for my liver.

Anyhoot, I have agreed to take on the African setup for yet another shea season, which is already approaching all too rapidly. During the coming year, I do not plan to live down here as much as the last one though, so I will spend some more time in Denmark and a lot more time on planes, I expect.

Otherwise, very little news in my life - except of course the big 3 - 0 approaching all too fast. I think the panic is already starting to spread in my system. I have been pleasantly surprised in this respect though. My sister and one of my best friends, Nis, have apparently planned and prepared the party for me! I think that is one of the kindest things, I have ever experienced, and I'm very much looking forward to this 'surprise'-party. I have to add though, that they have also done all the invitations, so if you are not invited, dont blame me! In stead, send an email to me if you feel left out :D

Take care back home - or wherever you are!

P.S.: I just had to add an all time favorite photo...:

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