onsdag, april 30, 2008

Last day...

Dear Reader,

It's a time for change in my life right now.

I'm very busy with my business degree, I am seriously contemplating buying a house with my girlfriend and on top of this, today is my last day at work for AAK.

It's of course kind of sad - and boy, did I have some wacko dreams last night about it - but on the other hand, I feel like it's time to move on. AAK has been a great place to work with lots of benefits and great adventures in Africa to show for it - but one has a tendency of getting 'stuck' in here as well. I am now looking very much forward to my new job, where I will continue to work with raw materials, but now in a smaller office for a Dutch company with a representation in Denmark.

I have been happy to serve you - dear reader - on this webblog, and I am still contemplating what to do with it in the future - but time will tell.

Take care out there - where ever you are!


P.S.: With all these big decisions to come, I find it a good idea to go to take time to relax in mind and spirit - thus, I'm going fishing this weekend and the below photo (from my mobile) can maybe illustrate why I so enjoy the wonders of the Danish wildlife as well...

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