torsdag, november 09, 2006

Danish guests - a pleasure!

I am still hangin' in Bobo, resting a bit after a loong period of extensive travels.
The last two days, I have the pleasure of spending time with 4 Danish turists (sorry Søren...) who are taking an extensive trip through Burkina, Mali and Senegal (incl. Timbuktu...I am soo jealous!).

Not only did I really enjoy spending time with them, but they also left me:

2 pacs of Blå Ga-jol
1 half bottle of Dr. Nielsen
1 half bottle of Bowmore

...needless to say, I will owe these people until the day i die...

I wish them all a safe trip onwards - and hope to see them again some day in DK or WAF - who knows!

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